WIR 7/31-8/6

Wednesday 7/31: Went to the Cranberry Bog for the first time in awhile. Nothing much there, but a probable Sweetflag Spreadwing down the Otter Slide trail was nice as was the miniflock containing a yellowthroat, Ovenbird, and Black-and-white. Two Leasts and a Spotted at the duck ponds.

Thursday 8/1: BBN to start. One small flock at the top of the hill had a Chestnut-sided, Redstart, Yellow, and Blue-winged (last was probably local, the rest not). Quiet from there though. Duck ponds again found Bob, a Spotted, and 2 Solitary.

Friday 8/2: Great Meadows: 3+ Great Egret, not much else. One Spotted at the duck ponds. Down to the Cape for the rescheduled pelagic where we drove around Falmouth and did not hear Chuck-will’s-widow.

Saturday 8/3: Pelagic, link to report sooner or later.

Sunday 8/4: Took a quick check for Clapper Rail without luck and then worked our way off Cape.

Monday 8/5: Great Meadows midafternoon: 14+ Lesser Yellowlegs, 1 Greater, 1 Pectoral Sandpiper, 3 Solitary, 1 Spotted, 8+ Least, 1+ Semipalmated. Same Least, Solitary, Spotted at the duck ponds.

Tuesday 8/6: BBN had presumably the same Black-and-white and Redstart, but not much else for birds. A White-M Hairstreak and Zabulon Skipper made up for that. White-M was probably my most wanted.



Quick stop at the duck ponds had more of the same shorebirds but a Black-crowned Night-Heron was new for the location.