WIR 8/21-8/27

Wednesday 8/21: Eventually turned up a good flock of warblers at BBN including a couple Redstarts, a Chestnut-sided, and a really nice Tennessee (which may be the first one this fall in state). Still waiting for something better at the ponds.


Thursday 8/22: Caught up on other stuff.

Friday 8/23: Prairie Warbler and little else at Prospect Hill. Nothing at the res. Dragging muffler ruined plans to go elsewhere.

Saturday 8/24: Besides a sparrow and the yellowlegs flock, 1 BT Blue at Lot 1 (and a White-M), 2 Broad-wings between the West Meadow and Concord Ave, Orchard Oriole at Rock Meadow, and then redstart and Least Flycatcher back at West Meadow.

Sunday 8/25: Repeat

Monday 8/26: Didn’t get out. I think.

Tuesday 8/27: Ran to the duck ponds quickly. Interesting young Red-shoulder that I may post more about soon.