WIR 10/9-10/15

Wednesday 10/9: Joined the MBC walk at Danehy. Chestnut-sided was about it.

Thursday 10/10: Went to BBN to look for sparrows. Tons of birds around early, although nothing interesting. Boardwalk at West Meadow as busy with lots of Swamps and a White-crowned. Decent variety of warblers including Nashville and BT Green. On return, there were a bunch of sparrows behind the basketball court including an interesting looking White-crowned. After some reading and consultation, I feel pretty good about calling it a Gambel’s.


More orange bill, pale lores, etc. Click through the photo for a full set.

Walking down to the cemetery and then up the hill was not particularly productive.

Friday 10/11: The morning was described elsewhere. Sitting outside in the afternoon, a juvenile Bald Eagle flew over (and then a Yellow-rump for #80 for the yard this year).

Saturday 10/12: Waltham St/Dunback MBC trip. Couple Rusty Blackbirds, 2 Bluebirds at Dunback, and that was about it. Ruddy at both Cambridge Res and Hardy Pond.

Sunday 10/13: Wandered to Lindentree and Waltham St without much.

Monday 10/14: Refound the sparrow and then the goose. Scarlet Tanager at the West Meadow in between.

Tuesday 10/15: Started for Rock Meadow but construction stuff there, so I went to Lone Tree Hill first. Lots of Hermit Thrushes and that was about it. On to Dunback, which was busy but not much exciting (late House Wren, Red-eyed and Blue-headed Vireos about it). Waltham St had a kingfisher.