WIR 10/23-10/29

Wednesday 10/23: Nicer than expected out, so I went to Rock Meadow. Field Sparrow was new for the patch year list (125!) but not much else. A few Ruddy, a couple scaup, and some wigeon on the res, more Ruddy at Flint’s were enough to stop at Hardy. Ruddy were all over, I counted 130 plus a Gadwall.

Thursday 10/24: Went to Great Meadows. Windy and not overly active, but David Sibley had a Clay-colored that hung around long enough for me to get it. A check of some of the goose fields had next to nothing (lots at the back of the prison field in an unscannable spot). Stopped at the Cambridge Res on the way home. A couple white spots out in the middle were enough for the scope. They turned out to be Bufflehead, but while double-checking my count a Red-necked Grebe stuck its head out. That was #200 for the county this year! The same ruddy, wigeon, and scaup were at the Trapelo end.

Friday 10/25: Amazing numbers of sparrows at Arlington Res. Fox Sparrow or two and a couple Field Sparrows were it for exciting ones though. Good variety of ducks including a Gadwall and a couple Shoveler too, 52 species total. Cambridge Res on the way home added 2 Horned Grebes.

Saturday 10/26: Started at West Meadow. Lots of White-throats but not much else. Looped through Met State without anything. Red-necked Grebe again at the Cambridge Res. Continued on to the north end. The Cackling Goose looked fairly obvious so I got out to scope. After showing it to a passing birder, it started to swim a bit closer, so I waited even though it was freezing with the wind. Unfortunately, it decided to take a nap instead of join most of the birds really close. However, as I started to walk back to the car, I noticed a few more geese swimming in from around the corner. A quick look and there was a bright orange bill staring back. I suspect that the White-fronted showing up here confirms David Sibley’s theory that the Cackling is coming from Great Meadows and passing Kaveski.


Sunday 10/27: Started at Rock Meadow where I finally got a fall Purple Finch and a lateish Common Yellowthroat. After pancakes, I went over to Sandy Beach and enjoyed the Nelson’s Sparrow for an hour or so.

Monday 10/28: Started at Forest Grove, where a Winter Wren was new for me on the Charles. A Rusty Blackbird was also nice, but quiet otherwise. Surprisingly little on Purgatory Cove and the river (raccoon hunting on the far shore). Usual coots and stuff at Charlesbank, nothing on the Cambridge Res.

Tuesday 10/29: Started at Meriam’s Corner with a bunch of bluebirds and a few Palm Warblers. Walking up Shadyside to Kaveski, I had a couple (or more) White-crowned Sparrows but that was about it. Cambridge Res on the way home added 4 Horned Grebes (three in the photo below). Flint’s had nothing (assuming the dark things sleeping were all Ruddy and not 2 Black Scoter).