WIR 11/27-12/3

Wednesday 11/27: Owl

Thursday 11/28: No outdoors time and nothing incidental in Otis.

Friday 11/29: Started at BBN, where I managed a Ruby-crowned Kinglet and Hermit Thrush. Nothing at the West Meadow. Continued on to Hanscom where one Snowy was way, way out. School St. was quiet. Common Loon and the usual ducks at Flint’s. Thought that was it for the day, but a late afternoon phone call had me running back to Hanscom where Simon had found a Short-eared Owl. About as far as the morning’s Snowy, but fortunately it eventually started hunting in the field on the other side of Virginia Rd (and flew over our heads).

Saturday 11/30: Family stuff in NYC.

Sunday 12/1: Spent most of the day stuck in traffic but an eagle flew across the Hudson before we left.

Monday 12/2: River walk was quiet, except for a Nashville Warbler! Continued to Prospect St without much, then Purgatory Cove and Norumbega (2 shovelers). Lots of mergansers on the res and lots of ice at Hardy Pond.

Nashville Warbler

Tuesday 12/3: Not much.