WIR 1/29-2/4

Wednesday 1/29: Too cold.

Thursday 1/30: Charles: scaup and Iceland Gull continue plus 2 Bufflehead below the dam and an eagle off Crescent St. Cambridge Res had a Red-necked Grebe, 3+ Red-breasted Mergansers, and some of the more usual stuff.

Friday 1/31: Nothing much at Meriam’s or Kaveski. Few larks at School St.

Saturday 2/1: Started at Dunback, where there was nothing of interest even with help from Marj and Renee. Cambridge Res had everything continuing (and confirmed the scaup as Greater). Went to Moody St with parents after to look for waxwings. Otherwise nothing on the walk but the eagle was flying over Main and Moody as we went home.

Sunday 2/2: Started at Forest Grove, 2+ Winter Wrens about it. Wandered down Rt. 20 as far as Hager Pond without anything terribly interesting. Stopped at the res on the way home and found a 2nd grebe.


Monday 2/3: BBN was quiet.

Tuesday 2/4: Went to Cape Ann (eventually, traffic was interesting getting to the highway). Harlequins and not much else at Andrew’s and Cathedral. 10+ Icelands and a Glaucous at Jodrey. Two guillemots, a Snowy, and 2 Brant at Eastern Point. Looped back to a quiet Andrew’s. Stopped at the res on the way home and about the same except for the eagle chasing the ducks around.