WIR 6/4-6/10

Wednesday 6/4: Rock Meadow survey got canceled as we thought it was raining too heavily. Rain promptly stopped, so both Bob and I ended up at Great Meadows, although nothing exciting.

Thursday 6/5: Survey squeezed in between the fog clearing and rain starting. Nothing different and nothing else for the rest of the day.

Friday 6/6: Went to explore a bit in Weston, but the area I thought was on the right side of the line along 117 turned out to be almost all Lincoln land trust land. Nice place though with a River Jewelwing and Marsh Bluets in addition to the regular birds. Cat Rock Park after had more of the same and the parent ravens flying over.

Saturday 6/7: Poked around the duck ponds midday without anything of interest.

Sunday 6/8: Minuteman survey (very) early. Couldn’t get a Veery this year and all the singing redstarts shut up doing the actual survey periods but otherwise fairly good. Scanned for Least Bittern at the tower at Great Meadows for a few minutes after with no luck and then jogged a short distance down the trail for some close Virginia Rails (but no Sora).

Monday 6/9: Busy with other things.

Tuesday 6/10: BBN to Lot 1: 2+ ravens and a Painted Skimmer, not a whole lot else.