WIR 6/11-6/17

Wednesday 6/11: Thought I heard a raven from the yard but not quite confident. River walk and duck ponds were pretty quiet.

Thursday 6/12: Great Meadows was mostly quiet. Pied-billed Grebe was out in the open and finally caught up with a Least Bittern. Stopped at Meriam’s Corner on the way home and found them mowing, so didn’t walk around.

Friday 6/13: Had some business in Somerville so stopped at the Earhart Dam and picked up Common Tern (plus a few night-herons, swallows, etc). Also had a new yard mammal with a Red Squirrel (and the black one showed up for the first time in a couple months).

Saturday 6/14: Decided to give the allergies a day off.

Sunday 6/15: Dunback late morning had fewer butterflies than I hoped. Slender Spreadwing and a Redstart were about it.

Monday 6/16: Paine for a change. Heard ravens, plus Painted Skimmer and a couple other things. Great Meadows midmorning had a singing Yellow-throated Vireo (across the river though) and a Mink being mobbed by a Red-winged Blackbird.

Tuesday 6/17: Did a pretty thorough walk around BBN was fairly quiet for 40 species. Redstart was probably the highlight for birds but a perched Prince Baskettail was very nice.