WIR 6/18-6/24

Wednesday 6/18: Explored the Old Rifle Range in Concord for the first time in a couple years. Heard a waterthrush, otherwise nothing terribly exciting.

Thursday 6/19: Went northwest. Lots of warblers at Willard Brook plus dragonflies and butterflies all over.

Friday 6/20: Eagle and Broad-wing from the yard.

Yard Eagle

Saturday 6/21: Walked to Lot 1 and the West Meadow. Finally got a patch Pine Warbler for the year plus 2 Blue-fronted Dancers and a Snapping Turtle.

Sunday 6/22: First Familiar Bluets of the year at Prospect Hill and that was about it.

Monday 6/23: Usual stuff Rock Meadow, Lone Tree Hill, and duck ponds. Nice Leptogaster flavipes at LTH.


Tuesday 6/24: Mary Cummings Park was fairly quiet. Not sure I’ve seen a Bank Swallow away from water or a colony before.