WIR 6/25-7/1

Wednesday 6/25: Lazy day but got the Broad-wing over the yard again.

Thursday 6/26: Went to the Cranberry Bog. Not overly exciting but a couple more FOY odes.

Friday 6/27: Great Meadows was very quiet so went over to see if the Osprey nest on the Concord/Acton line was still active (appeared to be).

Saturday 6/28: Charles in Watertown was quiet.

Sunday 6/29: Swamp Darner at BBN, first Black Saddlebags of the year at Rock Meadow.

Monday 6/30: Poked around AGM (mostly the usual, no Blue-wings and no Alder). First of year Mocha Emerald and a Holopogon robber fly. Brief stop at the duck ponds had nothing.

Tuesday 7/1: Prospect Hill was hot and quiet.