WIR 10/8-10/14

Wednesday 10/8: Started the new commute with a brief stop at Heard Pond. Eagle, Osprey, late Barn Swallow, etc.

Thursday 10/9: Wayland Community Gardens: Field Sparrow, BT Blue, Tennessee, lots of common sparrows.

Friday 10/10: Heard Farm had a sapsucker and more of the same.

Saturday 10/11: Started by leading a MBC trip at Waltham St. Got 100% of everyone on every bird, not that any were interesting (Osprey was nice at least). That’s very easy to do when you’re alone. With the rain starting, went to check Cambridge Res. Big flock (87) of Ruddy plus a few Ring-necks and other stuff. Flint’s still had nothing but cormorants, Hardy had 18 more Ruddy and a coot. Went to Arlington Res in the afternoon and caught up with the Great Cormorant and White-rumped Sandpiper plus a new Gadwall. Continued to Hobbs Brook where there were tons of yellowlegs and some early Common Mergansers.

Sunday 10/12: Started at Rock Meadow. Gardens were fairly quiet, Brown Thrasher and siskins being the main highlight (unfortunately couldn’t find the Bay-breasted among the Yellow-rumps). Field Sparrows and Purple Finches were also nice. Was about to head for the West Meadow when Norm called with an Ammodramus at Farm Meadow, so headed that way instead. No luck refinding it but Pileated, Bobolink, Red-shoulder, and tons of White-throats. Family walk at Great Meadows had a Turkey Vulture kettle, a pintail, and a Familiar Bluet. Purple Finch in the yard in between too.

Monday 10/13: Back to Farm Meadow. Didn’t see the Grasshopper but siskin, Purple Finch, redstart, etc made for a decent hour.

Tuesday 10/14: Wayland Community Gardens again: about the same sparrows (swap Lincoln’s for White-crowned), and a Baltimore Oriole.