WIR 4/22-4/28

Wednesday 4/22: Late American Tree Sparrow was about it at BBN.

Late Tree Sparrow

Thursday 4/23: Windier than I liked at the Wayland CG. Couple gnatcatchers and nothing else exciting.

Friday 4/24: Arlington Res had a sweep of swallows, a kingbird, and a Merlin.

Saturday 4/25: Bit of a lazy start, but eventually wandered out. Scaup still at the res. Nothing exciting at Round Hill. Red-shoulders at the Desert Natural Area plus azures at both of those stops. Afternoon trip to Great Meadows failed to find much, did get a banded Great Black-backed.

Sunday 4/26: Led the Mt. Auburn trip which was dead. Highlights: 8 Ruby-crowned Kinglets, 3 Hermit Thrushes, 3 Red-breasted Nuthatches. Arlington Res after, which is where all the warblers are apparently. Yellow-rumps all over with a few Palms, 1 Pine, and FOY Yellow. Nothing much else. Long walk around AGM after didn’t have any butterflies but did have a thrasher.

Monday 4/27: Heard Pond had a Blue-headed Vireo and lots of Yellow-rumps and Palms.

Tuesday 4/28: About the same as yesterday at Forest Grove (minus the vireo).