WIR 5/20-5/26

Wednesday 5/20: Heard only Mourning Warbler at Forest Grove plus Willow Flycatchers, pewee, and a raccoon.

Thursday 5/21: Prospect Hill had a decent selection of warblers, highlighted by 2 Blackburnians plus a deer and a fox. Two young deer on the way home.

Friday 5/22: Lots of Bobolinks at Heard Farm plus an American Lady and a good number of Common Baskettails.

Saturday 5/23: BBN/Rock Meadow had 12+ warblers (including Tennessee, Wilson’s, and Canada) plus BB Cuckoo. Stopped at the duck ponds, added Blackpoll and a mammal.

Sunday 5/24: Walked Lot 1 and the West Meadow. FOY Green Heron and Swainson’s Thrush plus patch FOY Spotted Sandpiper, Pine Warbler, Belted Kingfisher, and DC Cormorant. First ringlets too.

Monday 5/25: Started at Great Meadows where I heard one of two Least Bitterns. Continued to the Cranberry Bog even though it clouded up. A few New England Bluets but not much else. Quick check of Fort Pond Brook had a few more FOY odes, nothing terribly exciting.

New England Bluet

Spangled Skimmer
Tuesday 5/26: Prospect Hill was quiet beyond a Stream Cruiser.