WIR 7/8-7/14

Wednesday 7/8: At least 4 Red-bellied Tiger Beetles at Prospect Hill but it got rainy before I could look for anything else.

Thursday 7/9: Mantisfly on the doorway. Nothing at Saw Mill Pasture.


Friday 7/10: Nothing much at Great Meados.

Saturday 7/11: Concord Butterfly count. In Wayland and Lincoln with Wayne and Mark. Nothing too exciting in the bugs (beyond another mantispid) but Yellow-throated Vireo was nice.

Sunday 7/12: West Meadow and duck ponds both were quiet (and filled with mosquitoes).

Monday 7/13: More or less the usual at Purgatory Cove. Didn’t bring the camera so the mating Leptogasterinids got away.

Tuesday 7/14: Mosquitoes and robins at Dunback.