WIR 7/15-7/21

Wednesday 7/15: Wild Indigo Duskywing and a raven at Prospect Hill.

Thursday 7/16: Coyote, deer, and not much else at BBN.

Friday 7/17: Monarch, young bluebirds, not much else at Rock Meadow. Nothing at the duck ponds.

Saturday 7/18: Started at Great Meadows. No mud but yellowlegs, Solitary, and Least plus a waterthrush. Knox Trail pond was full, so headed home. Pulled over passing Flint’s and picked up the loon. Got out to scope, couldn’t find that at first but 3 juv Hooded Mergansers were more interesting.

Sunday 7/19: Tried Assabet before the heat got too much without much of anything. Stops at Fort Pond Brook and Warner’s Pond didn’t have a whole lot more.

Monday 7/20: Big buck at BBN plus FOY Lance-tipped Darner and Wandering Glider.


Tuesday 7/21: About the same as last week at Rock Meadow. Spotted and Solitary Sandpipers at the duck ponds.