WIR 7/22-7/28

Wednesday 7/22: Quiet at College Pond.

Thursday 7/23: Could hear a Marsh Wren in Pantry Brook from Round Hill but otherwise quiet.

Friday 7/24: Nothing at Nine Acre. Three Least Sandpipers and a Solitary at the Pelham Island Rd bridge.

Saturday 7/25: Virginia Rail and not much else (but 35 species) from the tower at Great Meadows, nothing on the res, and the same stuff at the duck ponds as the other day.

Sunday 7/26: Went to check out the shorebird scene at Horn Pond. Found 3 Solitary, 2+ Least, 2 Spotted, and a Lesser Yellowlegs plus some number of Killdeer. Also had Bank Swallows, a young Hooded Merganser, and a few other things but nothing terribly exciting.

Monday 7/27: Hit 40 at Forest Grove for the first commute in a month or two I think. Two families of turkeys (together) were only my second turkeys along the river plus river FOY Barn Swallow(?!) and Green Heron.

Tuesday 7/28: Raven, slightly out of place gnatcatcher, and a juvenile Eastern Towhee at BBN (plus a bunch of unidentified emeralds). Haven’t had a towhee there since April (and not at Mackerel Hill then), so where did that come from?