WIR 8/12-8/18

Wednesday 8/12: Semipalmated Plover was about it at Hobbs Brook.

Thursday 8/13: Not much beyond catbirds at Purgatory and Forest Grove.

Friday 8/14: Chestnut-sided Warbler and Least Flycatcher at an otherwise very quiet Prospect Hill. Did catch a Black-tipped Darner at the car as I was about to leave.

Saturday 8/15: Ovenbird and Zabulon Skipper were about the most exciting at Dunback (although if the possible Olive-sided hadn’t disappeared into the sun before I got optics on it…). Too hot at Hobbs Brook but 2 Night-Herons and a Great Egret were worth the stop. Afternoon visit to the Nashua was cut short from thunder but I did get a Zebra Clubtail.

Zebra Clubtail

Sunday 8/16: Walked to the duck ponds. Saw very little most of the way. Just about to cross into Rock Meadow, I thought I heard a Red-shoulder but dismissed it. Five minutes later, one flew over. Did find an interesting spreadwing and my first Tawny-edged Skipper in awhile.

Monday 8/17: Not a whole lot at BBN.

Tuesday 8/18: Orioles and grosbeaks at Dunback plus a waterthrush and redstart.