WIR 12/9-12/15

Wednesday 12/9: A few coots and the rest of the regulars at Purgatory/Forest Grove.

Thursday 12/10: Ran into the Our Lady’s morning traffic so went to BBN instead of Lot 1. Good decision as it turned out, starting with a flyover grackle. Took some effort but one of the Yellow-rumps eventually turned up and a siskin was calling overhead.

Friday 12/11: Made it to Lot 1. Yet another catbird by the pond and a singing Hermit Thrush.


Saturday 12/12: Waltham St had 4 grackles, Dunback had a Red-wing, the greenhouse side of Waltham St had a Red-wing, and the res had the usual.

Sunday 12/13: Pair of eagles plus more ducks at the res. Checked the field station for the first time in ages. Cooper’s in the gardens limited things, but a probable northern Red-tail was nice, hopefully it’ll stick and I can study further in better light. Arlington Res was quiet for ducks but a Clay-colored Sparrow was a good surprise by Busa.


Monday 12/14: Quick pond loop had an eagle at Heard plus a pintail at the town building but little else.

Tuesday 12/15: Got nicer than I expected after the downpour when I woke up. Started for the res eventually but traffic was bad enough that I went to the river instead. Gadwall or 3 at Norumbega was about it in some very quick stops.