WIR 12/16-12/22

Wednesday 12/16: Yellow-rump and nothing else of note at BBN.

Thursday 12/17: Moody St was a waste of time and nothing exciting further along the river in a quick drive.

Friday 12/18: Raven at Dunback.

Saturday 12/19: Bit of CBC scouting had a raven at West Meadow and not much else.

Sunday 12/20: CBC was a slowish day. We added Fox Sparrow and raven to the sector cumulative list but barely managed 40 species overall.

Monday 12/21: Quick stop at Nine Acre found the Cackling Geese again.

Tuesday 12/22: Too rainy at Great Meadows and too foggy in Wayland. Almost managed to get to the res before dark but couldn’t quite make anything out beyond the geese and swans.