WIR 1/20-1/26

Wednesday 1/20: Checked out the Sudbury Reservoir and found nothing. Dueting Great Horneds from the yard were nice though.

Thursday 1/21: Very slight uptick in ducks on the riverwalk: 3 Common and 10 Hooded Merganser plus 3 Ring-necks.

Friday 1/22: Nothing interesting at Dunback.

Saturday 1/23: Two eagles, geese, swans, and no ducks at the res. Nothing exciting out to School St and back.

Sunday 1/24: Walked to Lot1 and the West Meadow. Great Horned was about the only thing of note.

Monday 1/25: Quiet at Forest Grove.

Tuesday 1/26: Two blackbirds got away and otherwise quiet at BBN.