WIR 2/17-2/23

Wednesday 2/17: Finally got a Ruddy on the river walk, although nothing else notable.

Thursday 2/18: 60ish robins and nothing else exciting at Cow Common and the Wayland gardens.

Friday 2/19: First yard grackle of the year. BBN had the Yellow-rump and Fox Sparrow (presuming the same one since December) along with another grackle and a Sharpie.

Saturday 2/20: Started at Horn Pond once the showers fell apart. Apparently just missed an eagle but had a bunch of grackles, a Red-wing singing, and a shoveler. Mary Cummings Park was quiet beyond a flock of waxwings. Couldn’t find the Ring-neck flock at the res.

Sunday 2/21: Started at Great Meadows. Lots of Red-wings, Marsh Wren, and flyover Killdeer but not a ton else. Continued to Meriam’s (eagle) and Kaveski (raven and 3 coyotes) before School St (75 geese, 37 crows), Nine Acre (geese in lousy spots), and the res (half the Ring-neck flock plus a handful of scaup and 5 Ruddy).

Monday 2/22: Ended up in Wayland after trying to avoid traffic. No shrike or Rough-leg and the presumed Pileated calling didn’t quite cooperate. Nice flock of blackbirds but nothing exciting among them.

Tuesday 2/23: Forest Grove had a few blackbirds (no Rusties) and lots of ducks plus a Swamp Sparrow and 2 GC Kinglets.