WIR 2/24-3/1

Wednesday 2/24: 7 Lesser Scaup in close at the res, too dank and foggy to see much else.

Thursday 2/25: Nothing different at Lindentree.

Friday 2/26: Red-wings found the yard finally. Too windy at Dunback.

Saturday 2/27: Ducks were out of sight at the res. Two Wood Ducks, 5 shoveler, few others at Arlington Res plus 2 Killdeer. GC Kinglets, a coot, and a few other things at Sandy Beach. No parking at Spy Pond, nothing at the duck ponds, Killdeer at the field station (70).

Sunday 2/28: BBN was fairly quiet beyond 2 cowbirds along the parkway (71 for the winter). Killdeer and nothing else at Waltham St. Ring-neck flock wasn’t in the best part of the res to scan, nothing looping out to School St.

Monday 2/29: Kingfisher, eagle, 14 GW Teal, 30ish Ring-necks at Great Meadows (plus a few hundred blackbirds).

Tuesday 3/1: Killdeer and not much else at Forest Grove.