WIR 3/2-3/8

Wednesday 3/2: Too rainy more or less but it brightened on the way to work, so I stopped for 30 seconds on Pelham Island Rd, where a Merlin was drying off. Eagle over the res on the way home.

Thursday 3/3: Round Hill for a change. Too cold and fairly birdless but 2 Gadwall popped out of Pantry Brook. Nothing along Water Row, turkey running around the gas station across the street from the office.

Friday 3/4: Riverwalk was dead. Gadwall at Norumbega.

Saturday 3/5: Indoors at the Nymphfest all day but a Turkey Vulture flying around on the way back from lunch was a first of year.

Sunday 3/6: Opened the hotel door to about 8 Bohemians (and a Cedar). Pileated on the way back from lunch today. Made a very brief stop at Turner’s Falls on the way home but the mass of gulls was on the far side of the river and I wasn’t up for sorting through them at a distance.


Monday 3/7: Nothing at BBN.

Tuesday 3/8: Fox Sparrow singing and presumably the same eagle at Great Meadows.