WIR 4/12-4/19

Wednesday 4/13: RC Kinglet, lots of Palms, and nothing much else at Forest Grove.

Thursday 4/14: Nothing overly exciting at Round Hill. Lots flying around Pantry Brook, having a bit more time to sit there would have been nice.

Friday 4/15: Started with a RC Kinglet in the yard. More or less the usual expected stuff at College Pond.

Saturday 4/16: Started with the MBC walk at Horn Pond. Other than a pair of kestrels, not much. Stopped at Arlington Res, which had my first migrant Yellow-rumps and the usual, then hawkwatched a bit at Prospect Hill with a Merlin and some Rough-winged Swallows.

Sunday 4/17: Led the MBC walk at BBN: kestrel, raven, not much else. Went to Kaveski after where I had a Pileated and Savannah Sparrows finally.

Monday 4/18: Took advantage of the day off, starting at Great Meadows. Nothing much on the water (pair of GW Teal and a coot about it) and no raptor movement. Did have a couple Osprey and a flyover loon was new for me here. Continued to the Massport Trails where I got the Field Sparrow and towhee I expected (100 for the year in the county finally) along with a Pine(?) Elfin and Six-spotted Tiger Beetles. No meadowlark though. Went to Foss Farm for a change next, nothing too exciting beyond another Pileated, some Azures, and another Pine Elfin. Finally, checked Hayden Woods where the Rusties were vocal and eventually popped up.

Tuesday 4/19: Tons of Yellow-rumps and Palms between Purgatory and Forest Grove plus a gnatcatcher.