WIR 4/6-4/12

Wednesday 4/6: DC Cormorant and PB Grebe at Forest Grove plus a Rusty.

Thursday 4/7: Tree Swallows, a vulture, and the usual ducks at the res. Same at Flint’s, Nine Acre, Heard, and Pelham Island Rd.

Friday 4/8: Very little at Dunback.

Saturday 4/9: Merlin and not much else at Great Meadows. GW Teal at Hobbs Brook. Snipe at Waltham St. Peregrine over Concord Ave was new for Belmont, usual at Rock Meadow. No waterfowl at the duck ponds.

Sunday 4/10: Two Turkey Vultures and a singing Winter Wren at BBN. Quiet at West Meadow. Hermit Thrush at the res was actually a new bird for me there. Also about 45 Ruddy and 4 Lesser Scaup.

Monday 4/11: Tree Swallows, 2 Common Mergansers, and a couple Rusties at Heard Pond in the rain.

Tuesday 4/12: Res about the same (good number of scaup and Ruddies plus at least 3 Pine Warblers singing). Nothing at Flint’s or Nine Acre and nothing more than a few Rusties at Heard Pond.