WIR 3/30-4/5

Wednesday 3/30: Fox Sparrow and nothing else exciting at BBN.

Thursday 3/31: Forest Grove started fairly quiet beyond some phoebes but an odd chip made me turn around as I headed back from the landfill. After a bit of a run-around, it turned out to be bright Palm Warbler. Back near the houses, I then had a singing Pine. Detoured along the edge of Purgatory and got one on the Waltham side as well.


Friday 4/1: RC Kinglet, 3 Fox Sparrows, and the usual early spring stuff at College Pond.

Saturday 4/2: Started at Meriam’s and Kaveski, which had the usual but no new sparrows. Rain picked up right as I finished, so tried School St, Nine Acre, and the res (all nothing) before giving up.

Sunday 4/3: Snow

Monday 4/4: Snow

Tuesday 4/5: Managed a quick stop on Pelham Island Rd, Killdeer, cowbirds, and a few teal were highlights. Plus a few swallows made it through.