WIR 3/23-3/29

Wednesday 3/23: Poked around Nine Acre with not much more than a Pied-billed Grebe.

Thursday 3/24: Traffic led me to Flint’s, so walked around a bit, nothing unexpected.

Friday 3/25: Bit too damp but the usual ducks and Tree Swallows along Pelham Island Rd.

Saturday 3/26: 4 Snipe at Waltham St. Two Kestrels at Dunback. Clay-colored still at Arlington Res. DC Cormorant at the res.

Sunday 3/27: Fairly quiet at Great Meadows. Likely otter and then one the Virginia Rails eventually started calling at my feet. Decided to work Bedford at bit. Started with swans and Mallards at Fawn Lake (not sure how I didn’t have Mallard yet), then stopped at the Hanscom trails where I had a Pileated among other things, getting the overall list into the 70s. Nothing at Hobbs Brook, the ducks at the res weren’t in a good spot but a breeding plumaged loon was more than worthwhile.

Monday 3/28: Too rainy more or less.

Tuesday 3/29: Looped Nine Acre without much until an Osprey flew over as I was pulling out of Nashawtuc. TV over the road a minute later and then a couple Rusties on Water Row (Wayland side).