WIR 7/27-8/2

Wednesday 7/27: Fairly quiet at Rock Meadow and still nothing at the duck ponds.

Thursday 7/28: Most of the interesting shorebirds had left Hobbs Brook.

Friday 7/29: Nothing exciting at Great Meadows.

Saturday 7/30: Good numbers of shorebirds at Horn Pond included a Semipalmated Sandpiper and 2 Lesser Yellowlegs along with a RB Nuthatch. Great Egret at Hobbs Brook, nothing at the res or duck ponds.

Sunday 7/31: Snowy Egret at Hobbs Brook (plus an interesting emerald that didn’t slow down). Cliff Swallow at Great Meadows, loon and eagle at the res.

Monday 8/1: A few sandpipers at Norumbega (now to figure out how to really stop and scan), usual stuff at Purgatory with a few more Leasts flying around.

Tuesday 8/2: Pretty much the same at Hobbs Brook (2nd Great Egret was presumably new).