WIR 7/20-7/26

Wednesday 7/20: Usual at BBN in the morning. Got to work (with a Broad-wing flyover on the way) and got a call from Marj about ibises at Hobbs Brook, so stopped on the way home. Was rather surprised by a small white heron with them, although a quick check showed multiple reports of a Little Blue. Not often I get two new birds for a location like this anymore.

Thursday 7/21: Nothing of much note at Forest Grove.

Friday 7/22: Fox, lots of Wild Indigo Duskywings, and a family of Phoebes giving odd calls at Prospect Hill.

Saturday 7/23: Fairly good morning at the Desert Natural Area, nothing terribly exciting beyond first of fall Solitary Sandpiper and a woodcock. Ibis still at Hobbs Brook along with FOF Lesser Yellowlegs and Semipalmated Sandpiper plus baby Spotted Sandpipers.

Sunday 7/24: Quiet at Great Meadows, the same minus the ibis at Hobbs Brook.

Monday 7/25: Gnatcatchers and the usual at Dunback.

Tuesday 7/26: Family of Cooper’s Hawks and a Swamp Darner at the duck ponds.