WIR 8/10-8/16

Wednesday 8/10: Usual at College Pond. Picked up creeper for the first half of August finally (and then Bald Eagle at the res on the way home).

Thursday 8/11: Lesser Yellowlegs at Norumbega, usual at Purgatory.

Friday 8/12: Fairly quiet at Great Meadows, handful of shorebirds, cooperative Green Heron.

Saturday 8/13: Started at Horn Pond and made it as far as the second opening by the mud flat. Tons and tons of peeps with a White-rumped eventually appearing. Backtracked a bit to show others and get pictures and a second joined it, both eventually coming to naked eye range. Hobbs Brook had next to nothing but a Ring-neck and 4 GW Teal at the res were nice. Least Sandpipers finally at the duck ponds.

Sunday 8/14: Early BT Green at BBN, but otherwise quiet there, the West Meadow, and the duck ponds. Nothing much at Hobbs Brook, only 1 teal at the res, and a few more shorebirds at the Rt. 2/Old County end (plus an egret as I got on Rt. 2).

Monday 8/15: Heard Farm for a change, fairly quiet.

Tuesday 8/16: Waterthrush and not much else at Forest Grove (nothing at Norumbega on the way).