WIR 8/17-8/23

Wednesday 8/17: Very quiet at Dunback.

Thursday 8/18: Little drizzle as I was leaving, so went to Hobbs Brook (2 egrets, 2 Lesser Yellowlegs) and Flint’s (nothing much).

Friday 8/19: BBN had a RB Nuthatch and interesting Buteo that got away.

Saturday 8/20: Started at the Desert, which didn’t have the target but plenty of other stuff. Continued to Wachusett Res without the Laughing Gull (I think, one dark immature way out looked interesting) but a few Worcester county birds. On to Ashby, where the fire department was at the Watatic entrance, so I went to Ashby WMA instead and saw very little. Back down to the Nashua which was pretty much a repeat of last time. Stopped on Old County Rd on the way home and had 4 egrets (2 Snowy, 2 Great) fly in close.

Sunday 8/21: Start at Dunback got interesting when what had to be a Red-headed Woodpecker flew over. Couldn’t track it down and other than a few Broad-wings had little else. Went back to the Squannacook and had 7 rubyspots.

Monday 8/22: Checked Hayden but had nothing.

Tuesday 8/23: Nothing exciting at Dunback (beyond a possible Purple Finch). Had the loon and Ring-neck at the res on the way home.