WIR 9/28-10/4

Wednesday 9/28: One flock of Palm Warblers and nothing else at Great Meadows in lousy conditions.

Thursday 9/29: Lincoln’s Sparrow, BT Blue, and not a whole lot else at the Wayland gardens.

Friday 9/30: Nothing too exciting at the West Meadow.

Saturday 10/1: Thought the rain had started so did a res loop. Very few shorebirds at Hobbs Brook but a lot of Palms and Yellow-rumps plus a bunch of Savannahs. About 10 wigeon and one of the egrets at the main bit of the res. Ten Semipalmated Plovers, a few peep, and 3 pipits along Old County.

Sunday 10/2: Started in the mist on Marj’s walk at Waltham St. Wet and fairly quiet, but a bright Dickcissel eventually showed up. Probably shouldn’t have checked the rest of the fields as there was absolutely nothing and I got soaked. Continued to Horn Pond where the Golden-Plover was putting on a good show and another White-rump was nearby. Gardens were busy too, although nothing too interesting. On to Winter Pond to work on the Winchester list. No luck with the egret but a group of shorebirds leaving included a few Semipalmated Plovers and Greater Yellowlegs. Final stop along Old County had 4 Pecs and more pipits.


American Golden-PloverDickcissel

Monday 10/3: Pileated at College Pond.

Tuesday 10/4: 3 Pecs and a few other things at Hobbs Brook. Interesting evening too.