WIR 11/30-12/6

Wednesday 11/30: 50ish waxwings at Lot 1.

Thursday 12/1: Nothing at BBN.

Friday 12/2: Quiet at Forest Grove.

Saturday 12/3: 2 Ravens were new for me at Arlington Res. Another at Dunback but little else. Good number of Gadwall among the usual at the res, although I missed at least one good duck and maybe more.

Sunday 12/4: Watertown section of the Charles had a Ruby-crowned Kinglet. Orange-crowned on the way out from Shaw’s was a patch bird (160!). Absolutely nothing on Moody St. Rounding Prospect, I got a text from Cliff: Pink-footed Goose Cambridge Res. Jogged back to the car (managing to need to stop and catch my breath right where a Nashville was), then got the goose and the Redhead.

Monday 12/5: Too snowy.

Tuesday 12/6: 12+ Red-wings at BBN.