WIR 2/22-2/28

Wednesday 2/22: Merlin by Kennedy driving to the river walk, which had blackbirds and little else.

Thursday 2/23: Very little in a bunch of stops along the river in Wayland. TV over the office.

Friday 2/24: Killdeer at Lindentree then GW Teal at Pelham Island Rd at lunch.

Saturday 2/25: Turkeys finally (everywhere in Concord). Missed the Ross’s by about 5 minutes but had February Tree Swallows and a good variety of ducks at Great Meadows, then a really nice piece of white plastic among the Canadas at School St. Redhead continued at the res.

Sunday 2/26: Got the Ovenbird, missed the Rusties, then had a nice male harrier at Nine Acre.

Monday 2/27: Nothing at Round Hill.

Tuesday 2/28: Usual at Heard, could not find a Rusty.