WIR 3/1-3/7

Wednesday 3/1: Wood Duck was about it at Forest Grove.

Thursday 3/2: Too windy, so a quick pond check had very little. Finally got some turkeys in Lincoln at least.

Friday 3/3: Cold and just about birdless at BBN. Slipped out of work a few minutes early and had a few Ring-necks and absolutely nothing else at Heard Pond.

Saturday 3/4: Too cold but a midafternoon run around Arlington Res and Cambridge Res had the usual ducks and 2 Killdeer at Hobbs Brook.

Sunday 3/5: More or less a repeat, except Clay Pit instead of Cambridge Res which had my first Belmont Bufflehead. TV over Fernald too.

Monday 3/6: Drove around looking for geese, harrier at Nine Acre was about it.

Tuesday 3/7: More looking for geese. Did get a white bird, but it was a Glaucous Gull.