WIR 4/5-4/11

Wednesday 4/5: Had to run up to NH so poked around a bit. Picked up 5 easy state birds then read a report of Bohemians right where I was. Took 495 down to get to work, which let me try Hager Pond again. Eurasian Wigeon right out in the open plus a bunch of Americans, other ducks, and an eagle. Quick check of the res on the way home had a DC Cormorant and the usual ducks.

Thursday 4/6: Nothing at Flint’s. First bird I got bins on at at Nine Acre was a Eurasian Teal (with 60 Green-wings plus a Pied-billed Grebe). Cormorant at Heard which was just about to flood the road.

Friday 4/7: Calling Rusties at College Pond were my first in Weston, quiet otherwise beyond FOY Chipping Sparrow. Quick res check on the way home had a pintail way out and an immature eagle.

Saturday 4/8: Great Meadows was flooded but had FOY Pine Warblers in the woods and what appears to be my first turkey at GM proper as well. Hanscom trails were wet and not very birdy, kestrel being the highlight. Fawn Lake had lots of Ring-necks and a Pileated.

Sunday 4/9: Worked on the Bristol county list. Moderately successful with 8 additions, mostly obvious holes. Started at Gooseberry with the usual sea birds plus a catbird, Yellow-rump, and Ipswich Sparrow. Allen’s Pond had most of the dabbling ducks I needed, a phoebe, and lots of egrets and Osprey. Stop at Broad Cove in Somerset made me glad I got the ducks earlier (did have a Cabbage White at least). Woodcocks and an odd vocalization at BBN in the evening.

Monday 4/10: BBN had Chipping Sparrows, a Hermit Thrush, flickers all over, a Mourning Cloak, a Comma, and a few other local FOYs.

Tuesday 4/11: Nobscot was disappointingly quiet.