WIR 3/29-4/4

Wednesday 3/29: Couldn’t find the wigeon again but had the Rough-winged Swallow. Snuck out at lunchtime and had 2 eagles at Heard Pond and a BW Teal by the town building.

Thursday 3/30: My no chasing before work policy lasted 0 days. No Ipswich Sparrow in Framingham. No Iceland Gull on the pond either, but fortunately it had flown over the car while approaching. Also FOY Phoebe finally.

Friday 3/31: Rusty and the usual at Heard Farm, BW Teal and shoveler at the marsh.

Saturday 4/1: Too nasty.

Sunday 4/2: Rusty and the usual at BBN. Nothing much at Rock Meadow. Lesser Scaup at Arlington Res, Redhead still at Cambridge Res. Phoebes just about everywhere.

Monday 4/3: Six Fox Sparrows at Lindentree.

Tuesday 4/4: Too rainy but a few Ruddies at the res.