WIR 3/22-3/28

Wednesday 3/22: Nothing at Dunback.

Thursday 3/23: Pond loop was pretty quiet. Lot at Heard for a change although nothing exciting.

Friday 3/24: DC Cormorant at Purgatory. PB Grebe at the res on the way home.

Saturday 3/25: Great Meadows was quiet beyond a kestrel and got rather wet. Drove around a bit, lots of geese but not much else School St to Nagog to Nine Acre. Rain stopped so walked around Waltham St but no snipe.

Sunday 3/26: Bear Creek. Four Short-ears, a snipe, 3 meadowlarks beyond the longspur.

Monday 3/27: Couldn’t find the Eurasian Wigeon in Marlborough. Did have the shoveler there and some Tree Swallows on the way over.

Tuesday 3/28: Quiet at Great Meadows beyond a singing Fox Sparrow and Tree Swallows.