WIR 7/5-7/11

Wednesday 7/5: Nothing unusual at Forest Grove.

Thursday 7/6: Weasel at Dunback.

Friday 7/7: YT Vireo and not much else at Heard Farm.

Saturday 7/8: Half-assed attempt at the pelican mostly as an excuse to fill some Norfolk county holes. Picked up a few shorebirds and Willow Flycatcher to get over 100 before it got too hot and buggy. First Wandering Glider of the year and first Seaside Dragonlet in a little while too.

Sunday 7/9: Concord butterfly count. Back in the Acton sector, which was quiet for butterflies. Broad-wing and a Bank Swallow colony were nice as was the presumed Mocha Emerald.

Monday 7/10: Single Red-bellied Tiger Beetle at Prospect Hill finally but next to nothing else.

Tuesday 7/11: Nothing at Great Meadows