WIR 6/28-7/4

Wednesday 6/28: Buckeye but no tiger beetles at Prospect Hill.

Thursday 6/29: Very quiet at Round Hill other than lots and lots of meadowhawks.

Friday 6/30: Not much at Prospect Hill, FOY Painted Lady about it.

Saturday 7/1: Got Indigo Bunting and gnatcatcher in Bedford finally. Slender Bluets on the Concord were county ode #105. BH Vireo at Hugh Cargill along with Bog Coppers.

Slender Bluet

Sunday 7/2: Nothing at the duck ponds. Carlisle dragonfly walk was pretty quiet beyond a distant Swamp Darner.

Monday 7/3: Lot 1 had Rough-winged Swallows and a kingfisher. Spinyleg was a patch first ode.

Tuesday 7/4: Couldn’t find a Wood Thrush at Horn Pond but had a few other things. Handful of hairstreaks on the mountain.