WIR 7/26-8/1

Wednesday 7/26: BBN was birdy although nothing out of the expected.

Thursday 7/27: Lots of hummingbirds but little else at Dunback.

Friday 7/28: Gnatcatchers and hummingbirds at Rock Meadow were about it. Monarch at work.

Saturday 7/29: Another Suffolk county run. Deer Island had very little. First stop at Winthrop Beach had a Piping Plover. Belle Isle was dead, tide totally wrong. Scanned ebird reports and based on others from Winthrop Beach, I realized I was quite silly for not having spent some time scoping (thanks Chris), so headed back. Parked further north and had a few Bonaparte’s Gulls, a Manx Shearwater, and finally a Wilson’s Storm-Petrel or two. Earhart, Mystic Lakes, and Blair Pond had zero on the way home.

Sunday 7/30: Stopped at Foss Farm on the way to the walk at the Cranberry Bog. Fairly quiet but Willow Flycatcher and kingfisher were new for me in Carlisle. Lance-tipped Darner was the walk’s highlight, fairly quiet otherwise.

Monday 7/31: Went to the Wayland Community Gardens hoping for a Yellow-throated Vireo. No luck with that or much else, a couple interesting Traill’s-type flycatchers was it.

Tuesday 8/1: Nothing new at College Pond other than an unseen Louisiana Waterthrush-ish call.