WIR 8/2-8/8

Wednesday 8/2: Redstart at BBN.

Thursday 8/3: Hoped the rain would have created some nice shorebird habitat at School St but no luck. Did add Indigo Bunting and BG Gnatcatcher to the site’s ebird list (and the gnatcatchers were new for me in Acton).

Friday 8/4: Usual at Forest Grove.

Saturday 8/5: Started at Cutler Pond. Pretty quiet, managed gnatcatcher for Norfolk but little else. Continued to Millennium. Sora wasn’t out when I first walked by and I decided to keep going and wait it out later. Overhead Bobolinks, a Green Heron, and a Peregrine were all nice (plus a hummingbird to make me feel better about last week’s bird zooming by at Deer Island). Got back to the Sora, heard a Marsh Wren and then it started pouring before the bird returned.

Sunday 8/6: Out to Ashby. Started at Blood Hill, which looks good for hawkwatching in a few weeks. Family of juncos just below the summit and a Blackburnian was about it. Checked a few of the ponds and had a pair of loons at one. Nothing at Ashby WMA. Took a while to get going at Watatic, but finished with 5 species of darners, 3 meadowhawks, 21 odes in total. Plus a few other interesting bugs and a few birds.

Monday 8/7: BBN had a Blue-winged (first since mid-June), Black-and-white, and a couple redstarts. Parkway marsh looking better for shorebirds but none there. Did have 4 Green Herons though.

Tuesday 8/8: Nothing exciting at Great Meadows.