WIR 8/16-8/22

Wednesday 8/16: Nobscot, couple gnatcatchers, couple redstarts, Blue-wing.

Thursday 8/17: Black-and-white and not much else at Prospect Hill.

Friday 8/18: Dunback had 2-3 Least Flycatchers, a waterthrush, and a few Bobolinks.

Saturday 8/19: Started with Blair Pond (4 Least), then Alewife (Blue-winged Warbler, not a lot else). Continued to Assembly Square where a Common Tern was fishing in close and a Least Sandpiper flew over (bet there was stuff there at low tide). Debated working towards home or Belle Isle and saw the Black Tern report from Winter Pond, figured there was a slight chance it moved to the Mystic Lakes. No luck with that but a few more Least and some Spotted plus the waterthrush and a hummingbird at Sandy Beach.

Sunday 8/20: Hop Brook was fairly quiet, got a few Sudbury year birds but nothing exciting. Very quiet at the Desert. Continued west to Sterling Peat which had 4 Green Heron, a Great Egret, a bunch of common shorebirds, and a Prairie Warbler. Nothing in a quick stop at the duck ponds.

Monday 8/21: Started at Round Hill, which was on the quiet side beyond lots of swallows over Pantry Brook. Had a few minutes, so stopped on Water Row and had a snipe buzz over.

Tuesday 8/22: Canada Warbler was the highlight at College Pond.