WIR 8/30-9/5

Wednesday 8/30: Quiet at Great Meadows other than one large plover that called a couple times.

Thursday 8/31: Olive-sided at Nobscot.

Friday 9/1: After struggling for any migrant warblers beyond Redstart and Black-and-white all August, there was a big flock at BBN this morning included 2 Parula, 1 Blackburnian, 1 BT Green, 1-2 Magnolia, and a Chestnut-sided plus 3 redstart, a Black-and-white, a yellowthroat, 3 gnatcatchers, and a flyover Osprey. Five BW Teal at Flint’s on the way home.

Saturday 9/2: A few warblers at Dunback in the morning. Afternoon walk around Otis State Forest had 10 including Cape May, 2 Tennessee, and a Bay-breasted.

Sunday 9/3: Got stir-crazy and made a quick trip to Colebrook River Lake. Connecticut side was moderately birdy with a Great Egret and Bald Eagle on the lake and Blackburnian among the warblers on the road. Nothing on the MA side though. Too rainy after that.

Monday 9/4: Horn Pond had a few yellowlegs, a BW Teal, and a Wilson’s Warbler. Nothing exciting at Mary Cummings and nothing at Mill Pond. Went back out in the afternoon to look for the Golden-wing at Nahanton. Nothing much there, but a bunch of shorebirds, some nighthawks, and an eagle at Millennium were nice.

Tuesday 9/5: Prospect Hill gate was closed so had to hike up. Multiple BT Greens, a few redstarts, and not much else.