WIR 9/6-9/12

Wednesday 9/6: Fairly quiet at College Pond, few redstarts, a Black-and-white, etc.

Thursday 9/7: Too much traffic to get to Wayland, so stopped at Lindentree. Pretty quiet, Merlin probably a good part of the reason why.

Friday 9/8: Magnolia, raven, not a lot else at Heard Farm.

Saturday 9/9: Made another Suffolk county run. Deer Island was a disappointment, one redstart the extent of the land birding and nothing much on the water. Flythrough Sanderling was technically a county bird. Continued to Fisherman’s Bend Park where it took an hour for one of the Marbled Godwits to come out. Good number of Black-bellied Plovers, SB Dowitchers, oystercatchers, and turnstones too. On to Winthrop Beach. Not a ton of variety but more (or the same) oystercatchers and a Western Sandpiper were nice.

Sunday 9/10: Parula and 5 Field Sparrows about it at the Massport trails. Eagle and nothing at Great Meadows. Little bit of mud at Hobbs Brook, both yellowlegs, a Least, and first of fall wigeon. First of fall White-throat at Waltham St.

Monday 9/11: Bay-breasted, Parula, bunch of redstarts and Black-and-whites at BBN. Then went running. Unfortunately not for a Common Ringed Plover but for 2 Mute Swans going over.

Tuesday 9/12: Red-shoulder at Forest Grove, between the landscapers, the water chestnut machine, and everything else, it was a bit too noisy otherwise.