WIR 9/13-9/19

Wednesday 9/13: Red-shoulder, Least Flycatcher, and a Savannah or two at Kaveski. Surprisingly, the Least was new for Concord.

Thursday 9/14: Worked BBN for Ryan Doherty’s Golden-wing with Marshall and Ryan S. No luck with that but plenty of other warblers and a Philadelphia Vireo.

Friday 9/15: Tried BBN again. Did the parkway first, first Lincoln’s Sparrow of the fall among lots of Chipping. Little less activity elsewhere, warblers were probably close to screech-owled out but did have a BT Blue that we didn’t have yesterday.

Saturday 9/16: Started working Cambridge and Arlington. Danehy fairly dead but a Bobolink and pewee were Cambridge additions. Alewife was also fairly quiet, couple Parula and another pewee. Spy Pond was dead. Tried Mt. Pleasant/Meadowbrook. Only did the area around the stream and added 2 birds to the site ebird list: Canada Warbler and Solitary Sandpiper. Also had a Prairie for Arlington. Continued to McClellen, which had Wood Duck, Green Heron, and another Solitary. Very little at Hobbs Brook (10 Killdeer, 2 Least, 1 kayaker). Waltham St. was quiet, eventually did turn up the expected Dickcissel. Catbird in the yard was the first in a while.

Sunday 9/17: Led the MBC walk at BBN. Fog never really cleared and the scold tape attracted nothing but chickadees. Did have a few uncooperative Nashvilles, a Blackpoll, a couple grosbeaks, and an oriole. Renee and I continued to Dunback to look for Marj’s MacGillivray’s. Nothing doing with that or the Connecticut further down. Did have 2 Broad-wings on the way out. Checked Hobbs Brook again, Solitary and Lesser Yellowlegs plus a bunch of teal (all Green-winged I think).

Monday 9/18: Went back to Dunback. Two Merlins but little else around the MacGillivray’s spot. Was told that Chris Floyd had the Golden-winged on the way out, so doubled back for 30 seconds without any luck.

Tuesday 9/19: Early oil change meant I had time to scan the 2 cormorants and 7 geese at the res. Buzzed Heard Pond on the way home and added 5 more cormorants.