WIR 9/20-9/26

Wednesday 9/20: Black-and-white at Great Meadows, nothing storm-related.

Thursday 9/21: Dunback was frustrating with the got away list bigger than the seen list. Did have first of fall BH Vireo. Nothing new at Hobbs Brook.

Friday 9/22: Rather nasty out, nothing much at Heard (the farm before work, the pond at lunch).

Saturday 9/23: Started with a quick check of the res. Was hoping to confirm the Ring-necks that I kept having to drive past but instead was shocked to find 12 Red-necked Grebes. Only 1 previous September record for the county that I could dig up quickly and previous high count was 4! Checked Flint’s for any further sign of a waterbird fallout then headed out to Ashby. Three loons on Fitchburg Res but nothing else there. Spent 2 hours hawkwatching at Blood Hill. Was mediocre but the main sites were equally bad so not sure yet. Did have a kestrel, sharpie, few Broad-wings, eagles, lots of vultures and ravens, Yellow-rumps, a Palm, a couple kinglets, and a sapsucker. Quick check of Ahsby WMA didn’t add anything.

Sunday 9/24: Palm, Yellow-rump, Pine, usual sparrows at Waltham St. Just about nothing at Dunback but as I was about to turn around a Philadelphia Vireo popped up and a towhee called on the way out. A few more Tringa at Hobbs Brook and the teal were still in too lousy light to be sure of any Blue-winged.

Monday 9/25: Two cowbirds and a GC Kinglet at BBN.

Tuesday 9/26: Pretty quiet at Westborough WMA.