WIR 11/1-11/7

Wednesday 11/1: Rusty Blackbird at Purgatory, but quiet beyond that.

Thursday 11/2: No shorebirds beyond Killdeer at Hobbs Brook and no ducks of interest at the res.

Friday 11/3: YB Cuckoo at BBN (plus a phoebe which was somehow my first in November).

Saturday 11/4: North winds meant it was worth a try at Blood Hill for goshawk and Golden Eagle. First, Fitchburg Res had Bufflehead and Ring-necks. RB Nuthatch on the trail up. No luck with the goals but a moderate flight of Red-tails, vultures, and Bald Eagles plus crows and bluebirds. Stopped at Crystal Lake in Gardner on the way home hoping to fill in some dabbling duck gaps for Worcester county. No ducks but 8 Dunlin. Buzzed Flint’s and Bill pointed out the Surf Scoter Will found earlier.

Sunday 11/5: Started with nothing new around the res before joining the MBC walk at Dunback. Quiet beyond a Harrier, as was the Waltham St extension. Fresh Pond had the usual ducks. Few other ponds had nothing exciting.

Monday 11/6: Chipping Sparrow was about it at College Pond.

Tuesday 11/7: RN Grebe at the res before running out to the Sudbury Reservoir for the Barrow’s Goldeneye.