WIR 12/27-1/2

Wednesday 12/27: Went to Dunback to look for the Rough-leg that’s been around for a few days. Did find it eventually, but found a different bird first. Bluebirds at Waltham St as I drove by too.

Thursday 12/28: Much too cold but did take 10 minutes to run along the riverwalk as I happened to be passing by, usual ducks starting to come in.

Friday 12/29: Too cold.

Saturday 12/30: Did the same section of the Concord CBC, just less birds. Two Hermit Thrushes, a few waxwings, not much else. Then drove to Boston and managed to not see the Ross’s Goose (but did finally get a Merlin in Suffolk) before stopping at the river walk, which had decent numbers of ducks including a wigeon.

Sunday 12/31: Too cold.

Monday 1/1: Too cold but ventured out on the BBC walk anyway. Merlin with a lark at Salisbury was the highlight before I broke off early afternoon. This time I drove up and the Ross’s was right where it was supposed to be (not where I had been looking Saturday but I drove by the spot enough times that I think I would have noticed).

Tuesday 1/2: Probably too cold but checked a bit of the riverwalk. Usual ducks, Ring-necks building in numbers, and 2 eagles sitting above them.