WsIR 1/24-2/13

Computer died, took some time to replace and get easy access to things again…

Wednesday 1/24: Rock Meadow had a pair of ravens and a Rusty or two. Quick stop at the duck ponds had a very surprising Common Goldeneye, patch #171.

Thursday 1/25: Nothing at College Pond.

Friday 1/26: Huge flock of goldfinches and not much else at Lindentree.

Saturday 1/27: Very windy Cape trip. Got 5 Barnstable birds, nothing terribly exciting before bailing. Stopped at TIdmarsh in Plymouth on the way home and got a few more Plymouth birds too.

Sunday 1/28: Grackles at Elm Brook and Hanscom. Tree Sparrow at Hansom was Bedford #100. Same at Mystic Lakes, Earhart. Horned Grebe at Draw Seven was a nice surprise.

Monday 1/29: Nothing exciting at Heard Farm.

Tuesday 1/30: Quiet on the riverwalk, 27 waxwings at the office.

Wednesday 1/31: Nothing at Round Hill.

Thursday 2/1: Great Black-backed Gull at BBN, up to 50 waxwings at the office.

Friday 2/2: Eagle over the yard

Saturday 2/3: 3 Iceland Gulls at the UMass Lowell boat ramp, lots of goldeneye elsewhere on the river. School St had 40 larks.

Sunday 2/4: Went to Draw Seven, where Julie told me about a Snowy across the way. Worked over there, watched it fly back to Sylvester Baxter. Usual stuff otherwise, got the owl for 3 towns. Continued to Winthrop Beach (not much), and Mills Ave (another Snowy).

Monday 2/5: Only 2 Long-ears at Dunback.

Tuesday 2/6: Calling Great Horned Owls at Lot 1.

Wednesday 2/7: Merlin on the riverwalk.

Thursday 2/8: Larks again at School St but next to nothing else.

Friday 2/9: Usual at Forest Grove.

Saturday 2/10: Did a Suffolk/Norfolk trip. Snowy at Castle Island plus a raven. Merlin, Peregrines, and a few other things at Squantum and Wollaston.

Sunday 2/11: Started heading east but ducks on the field at Spy Pond said School St might be an interesting option in the rain. That was a good idea with 5 pintails.

Monday 2/12: 13 Red-wings at BBN.

Tuesday 2/13: Thought I was doing well with a harrier at Heard Pond, then had Fish Crow, Pileated, and Rough-legged Hawk, all new for Wayland.